baby bird

  1. DaisyChick62

    New Cockatiel Questions

    So about a week ago I got my very first cockatiel and basically my very first bird thats my own. My only previous experience is the 2 little budgies my boyfriends little sister owns. Anyways, we got what we believe is a her, from a local bird shop that hand feeds and raises them. My guess is...
  2. Jferrand526

    Some help please?

    Okay so I have had many years of handfeeding experience but this time I’m getting a bit worried. I have a baby indian ringneck that I’m currently handfeeding. The breeder didn’t tell me her age and now ignores my phone calls and texts, I’ve tried countless times to get into contact with her. My...
  3. S

    New Baby Sun Conure! Introduction & Looking for Helpful Tips.

    Hey guys, My name is Jess and I got my baby Sun Conure, Sammy, about a week ago. I've done a lot of research on this little guy, and I would like to make sure I'm on the right track so I can give him the best upbringing I can. Sammy is 9 weeks old and hand fed with formula. I have started...
  4. srdalyssa

    Choosing a baby conure?

    Hello all, this is my first post as I am a prospective "parront." While I have plans to visit the two bird adoption agencies in my area, they have a notoriously bad reputation for taking deposits and leaving interested adopters in the dark for several weeks, and taking upwards of six months to...
  5. W

    Young lorikeet won't stop crying?

    Hi everyone! First time poster, apologies if this gets long. A week ago I became the owner of a 9 week old rainbow lorikeet. Although she was (apparently) fully-weaned when I bought her, she seems to have regressed a little... so I've been hand-feeding her wet lorikeet food (as well as offering...
  6. O

    My little sis hand feed a Baby parrot just water

    Hi guys today when i was not home my little sis though our Baby Alexandrine parrot was hunger so she picked up a syringe and feed him water ( just water ) after i heard the stroy i chedked his belly and its Full and now i have no idea what to do . Is water dangerous for the baby parrot...
  7. KrisandPenelope

    Laddering a biting bird without loosing skin? Is it possible

    Okay I have been going through all the old threads about biting and there seems to be a general consensus that making the bird step up or ladder is a good way to stop the biting. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I have a very confident very snuggly 5 month old CBC who will be fine one...
  8. L

    Some basic questions

    Hello, I am new to the forum and have my first bird. Louise was fledged?/hatched in April 2015 and I got her in July. I got her from a rescue kinda on impulse. I had planned on getting a toucanette and had been researching for about a year thinking it would be a good fit for my lifestyle. I had...
  9. A

    My new alexander trying to speak?

    Hi. I bought an Alexander (named Raju) one month ago. Pet breeder told me his age is 8 months when I bought it. So now it's almost 9 months old. (although I have no proof about the actual age, nor I know how can I determine) I have no prior experience dealing with parrots. For last some...
  10. lorika

    Baby lorikeet - no poop?

    Hey everyone! Since saturday I've had a baby rainbow lorikeet. He's now six and a half weeks old. He's just getting used to being hand-fed. We fed him yesterday at around 21:00, and this morning at 7:00. I can see he pooped yesterday after we put him back in his cage, but he hasn't pooped this...
  11. R

    Question about weaning age

    Can weaning ages vary? I'm 99% positive that NO TWO BIRDS are the same, and I'm getting some grief from people on a parrot facebook group about my new bird. I brought home my new kakariki last night. She will be 6 weeks old in 2 days. The breeder was raising her and weaning her for me and...
  12. BirdLady93

    Baby Sun Conure; I have so many questions.

    Hi everyone. I have a baby sun conure who is about 7-8 months old. To me he is a boy, we haven't had him sexed, and his name is Fredastair. Or fred for short. He does so many strange things. He has more personality than I do in my big toe. With a lot of things he does I've found answers for...
  13. N

    Help Please: 24 day old Green Wing

    I've been feeding my 24 day old green wing macaw and have been following the directions on the Kaytee exact package. The problem is he or she weighs 10.7 oz which I believe translates to 303.4 grams. I am not totally sure that is within an acceptable weight range as I cannot find a growth chart...
  14. B

    little cute lovebird

    Hi everyone, I want to share this video with you, it's my little sweet lovebird (some time ago already) Girl petting cute baby lovebird - YouTube let me know what you think!
  15. P

    Important questions about a baby eye ring lovebird

    My eyering lovebird "fly" is a baby.. He only has dark blue feathers grown on his two wings . then the whole body is naked.. I hand feed him 3 times a day.. My questions How many days can he be? Will he be tame when he grows up? Will he stay on my hand or finger when he grows ...
  16. M

    BCC and Shoulders?

    Hi all New here, but have been lurking on and off for years gleaning some valuable advice. Thank you all in advance! We just got Jibboo, our 14 week old Blue Crowned Conure, last Saturday. He came from a reputable breeder, was hand-fed, and is very tame and sweet. What is the general...
  17. MariannaS

    Hello from NYC!

    Hello! My name is Marianna. My family has recently moved to NY from Russia and the dream of my life came true. Since december 2012 I'm a happy owner of a blue and gold macaw baby. She is 11 month old now.She loves to cuddle, kiss, and go outside.
  18. Jamie_95

    Bye bye Petrie :(

    So this is Petrie ~ the baby Lorrie i've been looking after :) I released him back into the wild where i found him about half an hour ago. But don't worry! He was looking much happier and healthier today than he was when i found him. His beak was a brown colour when i first took him in, and now...
  19. Jamie_95

    Should i release my baby Lorikeet?

    Hi everyone :) I found a baby Lorikeet this morning and have been taking care of him since. I'm hand feeding him and making him drink slowly through a syringe, because i put a small bowl of food and water in his cage but he didn't seem to touch it. He's been shy but very friendly and alert...
  20. Jamie_95

    Found baby lorikeet

    Hey everyone, I'm Jamie, 17 and from Australia :) This morning i found a baby Lorikeet tangled in some long grass. He couldnt fly and i couldnt find find any nests around where i found him. I'm not exactly sure how old he is, but he doesnt have all his colour yet or all of his feathers. I fed...