baby bird

  1. N

    Help Please: 24 day old Green Wing

    I've been feeding my 24 day old green wing macaw and have been following the directions on the Kaytee exact package. The problem is he or she weighs 10.7 oz which I believe translates to 303.4 grams. I am not totally sure that is within an acceptable weight range as I cannot find a growth chart...
  2. B

    little cute lovebird

    Hi everyone, I want to share this video with you, it's my little sweet lovebird (some time ago already) Girl petting cute baby lovebird - YouTube let me know what you think!
  3. P

    Important questions about a baby eye ring lovebird

    My eyering lovebird "fly" is a baby.. He only has dark blue feathers grown on his two wings . then the whole body is naked.. I hand feed him 3 times a day.. My questions How many days can he be? Will he be tame when he grows up? Will he stay on my hand or finger when he grows ...
  4. M

    BCC and Shoulders?

    Hi all New here, but have been lurking on and off for years gleaning some valuable advice. Thank you all in advance! We just got Jibboo, our 14 week old Blue Crowned Conure, last Saturday. He came from a reputable breeder, was hand-fed, and is very tame and sweet. What is the general...
  5. MariannaS

    Hello from NYC!

    Hello! My name is Marianna. My family has recently moved to NY from Russia and the dream of my life came true. Since december 2012 I'm a happy owner of a blue and gold macaw baby. She is 11 month old now.She loves to cuddle, kiss, and go outside.
  6. Jamie_95

    Bye bye Petrie :(

    So this is Petrie ~ the baby Lorrie i've been looking after :) I released him back into the wild where i found him about half an hour ago. But don't worry! He was looking much happier and healthier today than he was when i found him. His beak was a brown colour when i first took him in, and now...
  7. Jamie_95

    Should i release my baby Lorikeet?

    Hi everyone :) I found a baby Lorikeet this morning and have been taking care of him since. I'm hand feeding him and making him drink slowly through a syringe, because i put a small bowl of food and water in his cage but he didn't seem to touch it. He's been shy but very friendly and alert...
  8. Jamie_95

    Found baby lorikeet

    Hey everyone, I'm Jamie, 17 and from Australia :) This morning i found a baby Lorikeet tangled in some long grass. He couldnt fly and i couldnt find find any nests around where i found him. I'm not exactly sure how old he is, but he doesnt have all his colour yet or all of his feathers. I fed...
  9. A

    Getting my baby Conure used to a cage

    He is about 7 weeks now and close to being weaned. Recently I decided to start putting him in a cage a couple days ago since he is able to perch up without my help. He seriously hates being in the cage. He never bites me when going in, but when I put him in there at night he walks around at the...
  10. Rufio850

    new forum member with Tango a GCC

    Hey name is Dennis and I own a soon to be one year old Green Cheek Conure named Tango. He is in his second time molting and I feel for him. Any suggestions on helping him be at ease? I occasionally break off his pin feathers to help but I noticed he is getting more nippy towards everyone so I'm...
  11. K

    Baby sunconure help!!

    Well some of you might know my story about my sunconures, I currently have 8, 3 newborns. The oldest is now almost a month, the 2nd one is 3 weeks and the baby is 2 weeks. Unfortunately an accident occured where his foot got caught on a thread on a blanket where they were laying on and his foot...
  12. MarciaLove

    4 week old lovebird refusing formula help!

    ok so I have hand-fed lovebirds before, the first clutch I had I totally hand-fed and I didn't have this problem though. The second clutch i hand-fed some but also let the parents mainly care for them. I was forced to put these in a brooder and hand-feed them myself because the daddy lovebird...
  13. P

    Senegal Personality

    Hi, So on my quest to find the right bird species for me, I found that I had a few questions regarding Sennies. What is their personality like? I have read that they go through a hormonal phase at 1-2 yrs (understandably this will not put me off the species) but I've also seen that they can...