baby bird

  1. A

    Getting my baby Conure used to a cage

    He is about 7 weeks now and close to being weaned. Recently I decided to start putting him in a cage a couple days ago since he is able to perch up without my help. He seriously hates being in the cage. He never bites me when going in, but when I put him in there at night he walks around at the...
  2. Rufio850

    new forum member with Tango a GCC

    Hey name is Dennis and I own a soon to be one year old Green Cheek Conure named Tango. He is in his second time molting and I feel for him. Any suggestions on helping him be at ease? I occasionally break off his pin feathers to help but I noticed he is getting more nippy towards everyone so I'm...
  3. K

    Baby sunconure help!!

    Well some of you might know my story about my sunconures, I currently have 8, 3 newborns. The oldest is now almost a month, the 2nd one is 3 weeks and the baby is 2 weeks. Unfortunately an accident occured where his foot got caught on a thread on a blanket where they were laying on and his foot...
  4. MarciaLove

    4 week old lovebird refusing formula help!

    ok so I have hand-fed lovebirds before, the first clutch I had I totally hand-fed and I didn't have this problem though. The second clutch i hand-fed some but also let the parents mainly care for them. I was forced to put these in a brooder and hand-feed them myself because the daddy lovebird...
  5. P

    Senegal Personality

    Hi, So on my quest to find the right bird species for me, I found that I had a few questions regarding Sennies. What is their personality like? I have read that they go through a hormonal phase at 1-2 yrs (understandably this will not put me off the species) but I've also seen that they can...