Got a cockatoo as a first-time bird owner. Is he (she?) happy?


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May 6, 2022
Yellow-crested cockatoo
Hello! We’re new to this forum and to the parrot world!
My dad got me Jeff the cockatoo as a surprise gift and we’ve been in love with her ever since. But they say cockatoos are more ”difficult” or “demanding” parrots, and are not recommended for first-time bird owners. So help me give him (or her) the best life in his (or her) forever home ❤️
(yes, their gender is still a mystery. Let’s just say Jeff is a non-binary cockatoo!)

1. Perch
Jeff has a wooden perch stand, he knows to fly back to his perch after playtime, he would hang upside down and sometimes climb up his perch. He knows it’s his “home”.
But my concern is, is it enough to make him comfortable and happy? Since it doesn’t offer much to keep him entertained.
And we also have to chain him to the perch for a few hours everyday while we open the windows to let the air in.
We considered getting a large cage so that he can have many perches and hanging toys. Another option is the tree-perch. Though we don’t have a lot of space in our house.. So what would be best for Jeff?

2. Litter Training
We love to carry Jeff around the house, but sometimes he has accidents and poop all over our back! Sometimes he flies over to his perch, does his business, and flies back to my shoulder. But how can I train this habit?

I still have so many questions but I’m gonna leave just those two for my first thread. 😅 Any suggestions would mean a lot to us because I want Jeff to be content, and to understand them better!
Thank you, and we look forward to meeting new friends in the forum.

- 🐓 Jeff The Cockatoo


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Welcome its really nice to meet you
note; i am not a cockatoo experienced owner i never got cockatoos
does he have a cage?
and he is so cute
Hello and welcome!

I too have a cockatoo (ill refer to them as "too's" or "a too") as well and he was also my first bird. like you I came here seeking advice on how to give my too his best life. It may or may not be helpful but I'm going to try to lay out what I've learned this last year. Please anyone feel free to correct me.

Regardless of if they're upset or just spooked they will bite. 10 minutes ago while sunbathing with mine he lost balance on my arm and chomped it hard enough to break skin while getting himself stable again. He didn't intend to hurt me so its supper important not to punish him for that.
IGNORE bad behavior. if you dont want him doing something dont look at him dont talk to him pretend he's not there. when I started living with rascal he would empty his food dish for attention daily and I just pretended he wasn't there and now he doesn't do it.

toys! your too is different than mine and will have different interests. he is going to need many of toys to keep him entertained. toys that make him have to think will be great to keep him occupied. if he's like mine and is picky on what toys he likes, give as much of that kind of toy that will keep him entertained. Its going to be like a having a kid, lots and lots of toys.

Perches & Cages although each household is different and you may choose not to cage him it can be a good place to hang toys. my too wasn't caged his first 5 or so years instead he had one of those tree perches. tree perches are another good place to hang toys and give him something to chew.

litter training my bird isn't able to fly so I cant litter train the same way a flighted bird could. But I might have a tip. whenever I see my bird poop I usually say "good go poop" and after a while of repeating it whenever he poops it got to the point I could ask "go poop?" and if he had to he would poop there and then. you might be able to do something similar.

I think thats about it just try to keep him on good habits. you'll have him a long time, make it a good time. Hopefully this was helpful in some way if not thats fine too. Enjoy your day!

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