1. M

    Ruptured air sac not healing

    I’ve been trying to get advice for this though my usual alleys but I’m not getting the information that I need so I’m trying a parrot forum instead. Birds are birds right? I have a baby chicken with a ruptured air sac which I have been treating for WEEKS now and it just isn’t healing. We went...
  2. B

    Pls Help. Have these babies been neglected?

    Hi all, I would really like some answers to these questions. I am VERY concerned. I decided to buy cockatiels off of Craigslist. And the images that were shown and the descriptions of the birds made it seem like the person was taking care of them correctly. It seemed like he had very good...
  3. B


    my female bird has been all of a sudden been shredding paper and been doing this odd behavior. today i saw she was laying down like this. i did not see any abnormalities in her poop either. pls help me, shes my baby and im so worried. she’s eating and drinking normally too. 🥺
  4. Q

    Quaker parrots onion poisoning?

    Hi all, I have 2 male quaker parrots (1yo & 3yo). They have been eating a new frozen vegetable mix for the past 2-3 days. I only just noticed that the mix contains onion pieces. They have been leaving behind these pieces (thought they were cauliflower scraps or something before) in their bowl...
  5. F

    Finch Problems

    Hello, I have two pairs of zebra finches. Pair one is a chestnut female and pied male. Pair two is a chestnut female and light gray normal. One of my females seems to spend her time sitting on perches, sitting in the food bowl, and sun bathing. She very very rarely fly's around. Her male fly's a...
  6. H


    My budgie who for privacy I'm just gonna refer to as T. T has never trusted me since i brought her home, she had a cage mate who died awhile back who ill call K, K was always the brave one who would try and bite me if i even entered my hand into their cage, while T would just run or hide. K's...
  7. C

    Parakeet vent blocked?

    I?ve noticed a few days ago that one of my parakeets?s vent is blocked by parakeet poop possibly. I would?ve take him to the vet at first opportunity, but since I?m a minor and my mom didn?t want to take him I couldn?t really do anything except hope it becomes better. However, it seems as if...
  8. C

    Emergency / biting green cheek conure

    I'm writing this while crying. Please read this and help me please I'll give some context. I've had my green cheek conure ( Chester) for almost 4 years and I got him with 1 month. He didn't have any problems with biting except when he was passing puberty but never with me just with others. Two...
  9. Tiel

    URGENT help needed

    Dear Parrot community, I'm currently caught up in a terrible and desperate situation: My regular avian vet (lives in Switzerland) has been infected with Covid19, therefore his entire praxis is currently completely unavailable. The next vet that is not even an avian vet, but rather someone that's...
  10. P

    Possible seizures in Grass Parakeet?

    Hello, I very recently made a post regarding my newest rescued grass parakeet, Mofu. I took her to the vets yesterday after concern for her lack of balance and ability to fly, however the vet said they could identify no such problems with her balance and were only concerned with her previous...
  11. A

    HELP! Baby budgie is vomiting.

    Hello, I checked on my baby budgies as per usual and realised that there was a bit of vomit on the nests walls. I am not sure who it was but I think it was my second born (4 weeks old). I weighed him/her and despite his/hers age it is only 35 grams while the baby that is a week younger than...
  12. C

    Possible Egg Bound Bird

    My Parakeets are named Sunny and Misty and they seem to be ready to lay eggs. They have been mating and preparing the nest for a few days now but the last couple of days Sunny (the female) started acting very creepy. A couple of times every day she leans forward, sings weakly, her behind opens...
  13. S

    Need help

    My parakeet has brownish feathers above the cere crusty beak and always wants to sleep my Vet said it was malnourished so I bought some liquid supplements and gave it more sunlight Is it true what else could I do then
  14. K

    Cookwear Problem

    I use a ceramic coated, carbon steel cookie sheet. It was sitting on my stove and I turned on the wrong burner like an idiot. It charred a circle on the pan and it was smoking a bit. I removed my bird from the area and turned on all fans and opened windows. Is something like this dangerous...
  15. K


    Hi everyone I recently bought a sun conure , she is amazing , it’s been with me for 5 Days now . But today she is shaking her body and wagging her tail constantly , like when they finish preening to remove stuff of their feather . But she is over doing it Is it a serious issue
  16. I

    I think Kermit has a seizure this morning :(

    This bird has terrible timing. Christmas morning I wake up to my dad bringing a limp bird to my room, and I was convinced she'd die right in my hands. She recovered fast, and my parents spelled out what happened that morning. The bird spooked and took off flying (not unusual). She did not...
  17. Billdore

    Emergency or Not????

    I fed my baby half of a chestnut and now I discover the other half has some green mildew or mold of some kind on it. I didn't see any on the half I gave her feeding it by hand but I do remember seeing a couple small little spots on the part she ate. Is this an emergency? I know peanuts are...
  18. P

    HELP! Family About to Give up on Bird!

    My mother has two Green Cheek Conures. One is very friendly and loves attention and the other is a recently rescued bird (couple weeks now) and it very moody. Lunar is the bird's name. My mother had no problem hand taming Charlie (the other conure) but Lunar is very back and forth and...
  19. K

    Emergency!!!! Help please

    Hello all! i just took my green cheeck conure to the vet today for disease testing and dna sexing and well i had the appointment at 330pm and its about 5 hours passed during the vet visit they said they could not get good blood sample due to the fact that he wasnt giving much blood (he/she is...
  20. G

    My African Grey chewed up a packet of potpourri?!

    Hello, I am really freaking out right now. I came home to my African Grey sitting contently on his cage, with a chewed up packed of potpourri under his cage. Most of the content of the packet was scattered on the ground, but I assume he ate some of it while chewing on the packet. Is it...