30" cage + 40" cage = 70" cage


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Nov 9, 2006
Lucky, a 10 year old Eclectus
Some of you might remember my debate in an earlier thread about whether a 40 inch cage is really all that much better than a 30 inch cage. After reading the posts I decided to go with the cardinal rule, “Bigger is Better” and instead purchased a 70x32x60 (inside) inch cage, and boy is it big!

The cage was surprisingly easy to put together and comes with a divider, so if for some reason I needed a smaller cage, I could dismantle half of it and still end up with a cage that’s 35” wide. I went to a fabric store and purchased some large sheets of vinyl that I stuck to the wall behind the cage with poster tape from Spencer’s; which I’m hoping will make cleaning easier. I also have some vinyl around the floor of the cage to catch what the seed-catcher misses.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new 10-year-old Eclectus on Saturday, and will post some photos once he’s settled in.

Here are some photos of my cage


Some of the Toys inside

The perch on the cage door


Oct 8, 2006
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WOW that is huge!!! My boy is also getting a new cage sometime in december!:D We have a new species specific place just for eckies, check out the new section and you can post pics there too!! Check out Kodie, my ekkie boy and i would love to hear more on older ekkie behaviour. I've read some upsetting things on other forums, but since your ekkie is older than 6 i would really appreciate it if you can fill me in with some maturing ekkie behaviour!

Cant wait anymore! Which subspecies is it your getting, im so excited for you!!!


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Sep 7, 2006
Thats my next cage for my Bucc, but of course I'll have the divider in it which means that of course, I'll have to have yet another Grey. ;) What my hubby hasn't realised is that I'll in fact have 2 spare cages, Bucc's cage that he has now and the other half of new cage. :D Best keep that little bit of info secret. Hmmmmmmm wonder if I can get Ekkies here, don't seem to see many over here.

Great idea about the vinyl on the walls, wish I'd thought of that as all mine love to chuck food all over the walls.

Beautiful cage, and yep bigger is definately better, especially where our fids are concerned. Can't wait to see pics of your new baby. :D And thanks to Wilma we have a brand new Ekkie forum. :jumping40

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