Attn NYC-Parronts: BirdCamp is closing...


Jul 14, 2015
Queens NY
Green Cheek Conure (Mochi)
Gold Capped Conure (Mango)
Just read it in the Times. Whatta shame. Rising rents, yadda yadda. This space really needs filling - a guy who worked wit em years back, Glenn Sorino, is my go-to when boarding is needed, but more quality choices are sorely needed in the big apple...:(
Sad to hear...
Costs of operation and the markets unwillingness to pay the higher costs is a dangerous center point.
Avian Support Groups and local stores across North America are closing as operating costs continue to increase and the market being unwilling to pay more cuts any hope of have a cash flow in the Black.
Even a 501 Not for Profit has to have a positive cash flow.
Although it doesn't help very much, know that you are not alone.

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