parrot advice

  1. J

    Catalina or Harlequin macaw ?

    I’ve bought this baby macaw of 7 weeks a week ago from a friend of mine that didn’t know how to handle this way to young parrot ! I’m experienced with parrots but still doubt if it’s a Catalina or Harlequin macaw ? Does someone know ?
  2. ericalvincent

    I need some advice on African Greys

    Hello all! I am looking at getting a Congo African Grey and am wanting some tips and information on them, even experiences from owners who have them, literally anything anyone can give me. I’m not ready for one quite yet, probably not even within the next few years as I do have a cat and am...
  3. S

    Advice please!! Adopted a Female Northern Mealy Amazon

    Hello everyone! I need some advice please! I just adopted Azul, she’s a female Northern Mealy Amazon and she wasn’t abused I don’t think but definitely neglected when it comes to human interaction. We flew out to California from Tennessee to get her last weekend and then drove back as we...
  4. Libbi24

    Tofu the Quaker parrot

    Hello, I rescued a Quaker Saturday and I wanted to update on her progress. She’s got severely deformed feet and since being with me these past two days I haven’t even seen her stretch her wings or flap. My cockatiel who has deformed feet, can fly around but hers is not as bad as Tofu’s...
  5. T

    African Grey nail abnormality

    Hello, I have an African Grey (unknown age/sex) that has been with our family for about 20years. Recently I have noticed one of his nails has become longer, thicker, and paler than the rest of his nails. It is also rounded/dull at the tip whereas the rest are sharp and dark. (See photos)...
  6. Libbi24

    Healthy but lazy parrots?

    Hello, It’s been a while since I posted! I was able to help Hercules with his screaming and he’s an absolute dream now, took a lot of time and effort of figuring out why he was screaming and once I cracked the code I barely hear him anymore other than his happy chirps and dances. I adopted...
  7. A

    Wing flipping/twitching Maximilian pionus, help!

    So I’ve had my lil guy for about 9 months now, and he’s the sweetest little bird. He’s a little over a year old, and he’s never had any sort of weird behaviour until now. This morning I noticed he was flipping his wings, and I immediately got worried and kept a closer eye on him. He hasn’t...
  8. Libbi24

    Getting the right Parrot for me

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any personal opinions on parrots that may be the best fit for my lifestyle. I have previous experience with large birds such as African Greys and Alexandrines (He was my first parrot who sadly passed away a year ago due to a long term illness) Since my...
  9. kyladoodle

    Help! She laid an egg….

    Hey everybody. Miss Gizmo suprised me a couple of days ago with a small egg at the bottom of her cage. She appears to have a bit of egg butt going on - but still her usual self, being noisy, happy, eating and drinking which is great. I’m a little stressed though as I know female lories are prone...
  10. M

    Pineapple conure heavy breathing

    Hello everyone, I have a 1 yr and 6months old pineapple conure. It recently has been breathing heavily with its mouth open and tongue moving up and down for no reason the weather is good he has water food everything I’ve had him since he was 40 days old. Could someone please tell me whats...
  11. zoebeanzz

    Baby behavior?

    Hello all! This is my first post on here. I bought my alexandrine at around 8 months old. he is now 12-13 months. While calm on my shoulder and hands, when I go to have him step up he usually flaps his wings and looks startled (even with a very slow approach). He does step up, but sometimes he...
  12. EngineerGaming

    Quaker Parrot pin feathers

    My Quaker parrot has pin feathers and I was wondering if I should remove them or not. I believe I saw a video saying that you should, but I haven’t yet because I don’t want to hurt my bird. Should I remove them or should I wait until they come out themselves. What should I do? (His pin feathers...
  13. Si429

    New Bird, Who Dis? Part II: Getting to know this bird.

    Hi again- I'm Stephanie and I am one month in with the Red-Lored Amazon my grandmother owned. She died so the parrot has been with my dad and uncle and never socialized, taken out of cage, stimulated or other. Basic pellets and sunflower seeds. Yesterday I cleaned the parrot's whole cage while...
  14. Si429

    New bird, who dis?

    Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I joined this group because a red-lored parrot came into my life. Prepare for a bit of a story as I am 100% new to everything bird and have scoured the internet for answers, tips, articles and more. Apparently this bird has been with my father's family (with...
  15. A

    Just Can't Tame Him

    Hello everyone. I have been the owner of my green IRN Chief for about 6 months now and I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm finding him impossible to tame in any way. If I try target training, he flees the stick, if I feed him treats, he snatches them and runs off to his corner; he used...
  16. amariemo

    Cooking safety

    Hello All, I am a fairly new Conure owner. I am kind of obsessing over safety for my birdie. I know that Teflon/PTFE is bad so I only cook with stainless steel pans and glass pans. I read that there is danger in fumes, odors so tht had me wondering exactly what that means. For example-if I...
  17. Pabloalex91

    Dancing or neuro condition? Please help😕

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum & have recently brought home 3 weeks ago a 5 month old Alexandrine. We’ve been getting along just fine & he is starting target training with a stick & is also eating out of my hand with caution as he is not tame at all so shocked already about this, however he...
  18. S

    Lovebird clicking noise and tail vibrating (or bobbing im unsure)

    Hello! Does anyone know why my lovebird is doing this? Is this just a behavioural thing or does he have an illness? His tail moves up and down very fast like it’s vibrating and he would make clicking noises. He acts normal and is very active! Any thoughts? Thanks :)
  19. oliver_is_the_best_birb

    Should I get another bird?

    I have a GCC that is about to turn 1. I'm away from the house a lot for school and I'm scared he's getting lonely. Should I wait another year or so or just try now? And, what type of bird should I adopt, if I do get another?
  20. C

    Caique diet/eating habits?

    Hi everyone, I have a 4/5 month old white bellied caique (i was under the impression that he was a bit older when i got him about a month ago). I ran out of nuts two days ago, which I usually incorporate with training, and now he has been eating a lot more vegetables, I feel like a bit too...