Mate for quaker parrot


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Mar 7, 2022
quaker parrot / monk parakeet
It's my first quaker, so I just want to be sure.
I got a male quaker (3 yo) some time ago and we're well bonded now. He is a rescue who sat in a cage alone for 2 years straight in his breeders house.

He doesn't even consider other bird species and doesn't want have anything to do with them (unless jelaous of attention, he will fight them).
I see him often singing alone and just talking to himself. When he sees other quakers on my monitor/phone he will rush to the screen and with a loud HMMM (or sometimes a hi) put himself wing to wing with the image. Then he will try to preen the screen...
He did this with mirrors too but stopped some months ago.

I'm about to get an another quaker parrot, a female. I don't know how he would possibly react, since the quaker in question is blue (mine is green) and a youngling (some months).
Is it possible he will fight her or not accept her since he's looking for a mate and she's too young? Or perhaps not consider her because of a different colour?
Also I saw many people saying that this peculiar race loses interest (or a big chunk of it) in the owner once another parrot (potential mate) is introduced. Is it really true?


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Apr 23, 2010
Syracuse, NY
Quaker parrot, Ralph
It's really impossible to predict how any two parrots will react to each other. They could become instant best friends or instant enemies, or anything in between. Two parrots of the same type, one male and one female, may choose to become mated or they may go to war. Careful supervision will be needed when they're being introduced and getting to know each other, and could always be necessary.

When two parrots become bonded to each other, they often do give up interacting with the humans in their household. Again, it's hard to predict exactly what might happen with any two parrots.

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