please help diagnose my cockatiel!

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May 5, 2011
I have a cockatiel who I have owned about 2 years. I bopught her as a baby from a pet shop in Anchorage. She was a bit scruffy at the time, but I thought she would fill out. She also has a poorly formed foot. Over time, as I gained experience with another healthy bird, I realized she is not well. She is undersized, still scruffy, and her stools come out with splats of water. She wheezes after flights around the room. This has been going on for months, she dosen't get better or worse. Is it parasites? Bacteria? chlamydiosis? I welcome your thoughts!
sorry but your bird need to be seen by a vet at the very least, and from what you have put the poor thing sounds sick and if the other healthy bird lives with you or you have contact with it you could pass on the possible infection
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Thanks. I guess my biggest worry is that my daughter could be at risk. Would I ask the vet for a blood test to rule out Chlamydia?
I don't think your bird has that, there's a few diseases that a bird can pass onto humans. One of the bad one is Psittacosis. We're not vets here, nor can we answer those type of questions online, your best bet is to take her to the vet to find out for sure!
the vet should know what to look out for, i am really sorry for your sick bird. look up an avian vet if you can,

just keep your bird in an area your daughter does not go to, or tell your daughter to avoid its area, an wash your hands before and after seeing to your bird is all you can do for now, is best practice for now, but please hurry with vet visit
Another thing to add to Suebee's post, keep the new comer apart from the one that might be sick...In a completely different room if possible....Many years ago my Cockatiels contracted some sort of virus that almost wiped out all my Cockatiel flock. It was my mistake for trusting that lady....The virus passed on like a cold, no contact needed....After major medication from the vet and high protein diet I got them back to health.
I say take you little fellow to a vet. It could be serious if its been going on this long! Also keep the birds separate, sanitize before touching one and after, clean often and take extra precautions until you get a diagnose.
Only an avain vet can give a diagnosis. No you or not forum members. I hope you have taken the bird for a check up already.

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