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Dec 18, 2013
Maya (Female Solomon Island eclectus parrot), Jolly (Male Solomon Island eclectus parrot), Bixby (Male, red-sided eclectus. RIP), Suzie (Male cockatiel. RIP)
Hear ye! Hear ye!

Welcome to the Game Room! The sub-forum dedicated to fun and games!
Riddles, contests, hijinks and tales!
Come one, come all, leave your tensions at the door!
We're her to have fun, no less, no more!

Here you'll find official contests and games created by the moderators for prizes, bragging rights, or a bit of both. But all members are also welcomed, and encouraged, to start threads with your own games, contests, riddles, or fictional writing. We look forward to seeing what you all wind up bringing to the party.

The objective of this sub-forum is quite simple: FUN! So get your game face on and come have a good time!

We'll be moving a few threads to this sub-forum that were in the spirit of the Game Room to get things started.
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