1. A

    how do I nurse galah back to health.

    Ok sorry but English is not my first language. okay, I'm really stressed and exhausted and, just freaking out. My galah was tired and droopy yesterday so I took him to the vet yesterday, the vet suspected some kind of poisoning but the lab results are not in yet. The doctor gave him...
  2. O

    Galah Cockatoo does not like me anymore

    Hello everyone, Two day ago, we bought a 2 year old female Galah Cockatoo. When we went to look at her she was very happy to see me. I could take her out of the cage, dance with her and pet her. I wasn't scared of her for a minute. She even did not really want to sit with my boyfriend, she...
  3. C

    Not fully weaned?? (RB2/Galah)

    Hello, I thought the universe just happened to fall into place as I was ready for a new bird in my life, and I was able to get hold of a beautiful Galah. I want to preface this by saying it’s also only the first few days of me having him. He eats pellets and fresh veggies wonderfully, and...
  4. Snoodletea

    Galah or Conure for experienced bird keeper?

    I'm an experienced bird keeper, I've kept cockatiels, budgies and quails, as well as volunteering at a rescue where I've interacted with many species, and I feel like I'm ready to get a companion bird again. I originally got my boy cockatiel Tinsel and he was handraised. Unfortunately he...
  5. JettIsTheDevil

    New Member with a Galah x Corella Hybrid

    Hi! As you can see by my username, I have a pet Galah x Corella (otherwise known as “Apricot Galahs”) who is the literal spawn of the Devil (sometimes). I have done a little research on his specific cross breed but I have found very little information on them. Which is how I came across this...
  6. D

    Need some advice

    Hello im new to this site and I've adopted a gala who I've named grumpy , I've had him nearly 7 Months. I'm having some behavioral issues with him . He's been attacking people who get to close to either him or me. He has never once biten or showed any aggression towards me, it's the complete...
  7. C


    Hi, I'm a new Galah owner and forum member! My new boy (?) is a few months old and we love him to bits already. Quick question however; he shakes and nuzles closing his eyes whenever he is scratched and petted whilst on his perch (by me). Any ideas? Should I be concerned? There is no aggression...
  8. T

    Galah Chases and Attacks

    About two weeks ago, I found a Galah which was obviously an escaped pet. Local vets were notified, we posted it on a community Facebook page and have checked ParrotAlert, but we haven’t gotten any responses so we’ve decided to keep him. Most of the time he’s very friendly. He’ll fly over to you...
  9. rt456

    Hello from Western Australia

    Hi, all hows it going? My family and I have had a Citron cockatoo and an African grey (they now live very happily in Spain with my parents and have started speaking spanish too) as Australia doesn't allow you to bring pet birds in to Australia and WA has a ban on African Grey parrots...
  10. A

    Galah Cockatoos.. cuddly?

    Hello! A pet shop near me is going to be bringing in a Galah cockatoo soon, and Ive been thinking about it ever since the owner told me :) This is just in time since Ive been trying to find the right bird for me for a year and a half, and after lots of research, I never really was able to be...
  11. Puck

    Lucille: Looking Pretty in Pink

    Jim mentioned that it's been awhile since I posted any pictures of lovely Lucille, so I decided to follow in the footsteps of Gail and Rickeybird and make a scrapbook that I can update! Only I'm going for digital because I don't actually have a printer to print out the photos of Luci! Name...
  12. S

    New Galah Cockatoo

    So I brought home a new (12 year old) Galah cockatoo from a bird expo that I went to in Madison Heights MI. I had been looking for a bird for awhile. He was affectionate through the cage and seemed to really enjoy head scratches. After a stressful day getting him home, he is settling in his...
  13. mypinklove

    First Vet Visit

    Good evening, birdie friends :) Getting paid this Friday means money to take my new parrot to his first vet visit in early May. (Don't have exact date scheduled yet.) I've done a bit of reading that the first vet visit will typically be the most costly with the blood work that should get...
  14. mypinklove

    Veggie & Quinoa Chop! (pics)

    Hi everyone :) Just wanted to share a few pics. Made a little batch of veggies and quinoa to freeze and scoop out + microwave for Charlie's dinner over the next few days. This batch has: Quinoa Frozen Veggie mix Cauliflower Red pepper Broccoli Small amount of spinach Green Beans...
  15. GracelynNBirds

    Buying a galah from Australia?

    Hello, this is a CRAZY idea but, I was wondering if it is legal if I were to take plane tickets to Australia, buy a bird/galah there, and fly me, and the bird back to the USA. Does anyone know if that is somehow allowed? Thanks, Gracelyn. :)
  16. GracelynNBirds

    Pellets for a Galah?

    Hello everybody, I hope you guys are doing wonderful! But if you don't mind, could I ask a question on Galah food? ;) I know for a fact that Galahs LOVE seeds, especially Sun flower. But they are fatty foods and should be ONLY for special treats, so I was going to ask what are the best pellets...
  17. M

    saw something amazing today

    i was not sure what forum to post this on so i thought ill just post it here, i hope thats ok! today when i was in the car with my boyfriend we saw a man on a motorcycle infront of us with a galah ON HIS SHOULDER. i cant remember the speed limit in that zone but im sure it was around 30-40! and...
  18. P

    First time feeding Galah cockatoo.

    We got our first cockatoo who is just 3 weeks old today and tried feeding baby bird formula for the first time. At one point he turned his head and some of the feed got spread over his eye. I wiped it immediately but he started making a fist with his toes. After a couple of minutes he went back...
  19. M

    Swollen lower abdomen - Galah

    Hi there, new to the site! Before I begin I'll just let you know I'm calling my local avian vet immediately after they open tomorrow morning for an appointment (It's late here in Aus). I have a suspected female galah at least 6 years old (not sure of age) who has a swollen area on her lower...
  20. S

    Galahs - do you lie on your back?

    Hi, Chilli and Alice and Dom and everyone..... Do you lie on your back like I've seen caiques and conures doing, and as Angel's owner just told us she does? I'm curious because my girl likes to stay on her legs. Thanks.