health care

  1. S

    Online antibiotics?

    My bird (sun conure) has been showing some signs of respiratory issues (weird noise when he breaths) and is now having watery stools, i am unble to take him to the vet right now is there any broad antibiotics i can buy online that is safe and can help him?
  2. P


    So my uncle was taking a thing of like lighter fluid/gasoline type thing to the grill and it split, causing us to rush to clean things up, but my budgies Whiskey and Lullaby, were in their cage when it happened in the same room, they were only in the room for like 2-4 minutes after the spill (we...
  3. V

    Conure accidentally stepped on!!!

    Hey guys I have a green cheek conure who just turned three months yesterday and we had an accident where my mom accidentally had stepped on him while he had been trying to crawl down the couch and surprise her on her way in from putting some laundry in and she stepped on him. We took him to the...
  4. pioji12

    quaker has something in his nare

    today i noticed that my quaker parrot has something in his nare. it is brown and somewhat hard. i gently touched it and he did not seem bothered by it. he seemed like his usual self when i handled him. does anybody know what it is? is it a sign of a sinus issue?
  5. psitticine

    Range Oven

    Hi all! My boyfriend and I are looking for a new rental home, and hoping to sign a lease for one we just looked at. The only thing is that it has a range oven, and I'm concerned about the gas. I know about teflon and toxic fumes coming off of cookware, so I buy very carefully, but I'm concerned...
  6. G

    Red Eyes

    I recently got a cockatiel. It is my first time keeping a cockatiel with this mutation, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. There is a red ring around both its eyes. It doesn't seem to be itchy. However, the previous household that kept this bird neglected it a lot. There is also a red...
  7. B

    Dry feet??

    My barred parakeet, Tyrone, feet look dry to me. He sometimes bites them lightly like he’s cleaning them. I was reading I need to mist him, he hasn’t taken a liking to getting wet so I don’t force it? Maybe I need to? He’s also maulting right now. He’s very active and playful. Eating and...
  8. A

    Cause for Concern?

    Hello everyone. I bought my lovely green IRN Chief back in December and noticed a strip across his head where there are way less feathers; I wouldn't call it bald as such, but you can see the skin beneath at certain angles. After a few months now on premium seed/nut mix, an increasingly varied...
  9. K

    Please help - Green cheek is acting strange.

    One of my green cheeks is acting off, as written. He has been shaking his head repeatedly, clicking and moving his tongue, and it sounds like he is trying to get something out of his throat or mouth with a suction sound or puff sound. This has been going on for about 30 minutes now. Still...
  10. D

    Kiwi’s beak

    Hello, I searched this up before posting anything and apparently it’s a scissor beak or crossed beak that can happen for many reasons? Kiwi is around 7 years old, eats well and sleeps well, we recognized the unaligned beak about a week ago. I am asking the internet because I truly think you can...
  11. pearlthegoffin

    Possible Yeast Infection

    Hello, Guys! I have an appointment with my avian vet tomorrow but I was wondering if any parrot parents have experienced this with their bird? My baby Pearl has been acting weird since last night (weird being she seems uncomfortable to sit/relax and climb her cage) so i’ve taken extra...
  12. MelloYello

    Vets in Austin area

    Does anyone know any reputable vets around Austin? Thank you in advance! Have a lovely day!
  13. socktheconure

    Hostile Cockatiels Update

    Edit: I am considering uploading update photos, including the Budgerigar. Would you guys mayhaps appreciate the photo updates more? Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of activity. I'm a very anxious individual, so I tend to be stand-offish about a lot of responses and such. HOWEVER I am...
  14. WilliamKenyon

    Anatomy of a parrot's beak

    Hey everyone:60:! I have some questions about parrots beaks and how they form. So my question is; How does a parrots beak taper to a sharp point when it starts out wider?. It seems like an odd question:D, but for the life of me I could not figure out how the shape forms. As the beak grows...
  15. FlyingTorchy

    Creeping fig for parakeet??

    I just got my x-large cage in for my parakeet and was really wanting to add a little green in there for my baby girl! I read on a few sites that a Creeping Fig is a good plant to put in so I bought a small one, took out the Fertilized soil on the top half and replaced it with all natural top...
  16. Comoriri

    Strange parakeet

    Could anyone offer some good advice for how I can help my Parakeet, Gizmo? I've got him relatively recently (about a month ago), while he has improved, his behaviors seem strange. He rarely makes any noise at all, never bites when handled, and seems to stay relatively still. While he has...
  17. S

    Broken pin feather in the same spot?

    About a month ago, I was scratching pin feathers for my sun conure and I noticed a bloody one on her neck. It was bothering her so I looked it up online and assumed it was a broken pin feather so I pulled it out for her. I was worried she was bleeding but when I checked the spot 10 minutes later...
  18. J

    Slow crop?

    Does this looks like an empty crop? I dont think it does. I got two baby conures that a person cannot take care of them anymore. When I got home I noticed one of the birds had his crop empty and the other one did not. It seems like one of them is not digesting the food as he is supposed to. I...
  19. F

    Help! Parrot advice

    My aunts Ring neck parrot (she said that's what he's called) has some issues that we are concerned about. He's probably around 20 years old. Today we noticed that he has a patch near his beak. His tail feathers are also looking pretty rough. I've attached pictures. Can someone explain if we need...
  20. D

    Hello I am Divyansh and I have come here mainly for my new ringneck.Plz help me !!!

    I am a proud owner of 2 budgies , a ringneck and several finches. Now I am here basically for my ringneck My neighbor bought an indian ringneck baby and as they were unable to take care of it So they have handed him over to me as I am a parent of 2 budgies and several finches. I have hand raised...