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  1. S

    URGENT! Help with Sun Conure

    My sun conure is at least about 2 years old now. We named him Sun. He's a free-flight bird. We would always let him out every morning with his partner, except that he broke his nail today, also causing significant damage to one of his digits as it was between the gate. We have stopped his...
  2. Moeaa

    Please help

    So 2 years ago I was closing the door to enter the bathroom, my bird then tried running in (she was walking on the ground) to the bathroom as I was closing the door, this ultimately lead to me closing the door on her, hurting her in the process. After that I was very shocked and grabbed to try...
  3. L

    Puffed up, Closing eyes, One leg up, Shivering.

    Two alexandrines, both have been rehomed. Their previous owner fed them a bad diet and clipped their feathers. I'm trying to get them to eat pellets but it isn't succeeding. They're both very friendly and are adjusting to the new home (been 2 weeks). This one has been shivering whenever 'she?'...
  4. I

    Kakariki sexing

    Hello everyone, I bought 2 more kakarikis and have been told they're both female could I get confirmation on that please? I already have a female and don't really want them breeding, thank you 😊
  5. Libbi24

    GCC constantly trying to mate with my quaker

    Hi! This is a problem I didn’t ever see myself having with my birds but here we are lol! If you’ve read my previous threads you know that I rescued a Quaker parrot (who has settled in wonderfully!) I’ve recently took Tofu to the vets, she’s got a lack of muscles in her wings so she can’t fly...
  6. Libbi24

    New Barraband parrot

    Hi, I have exciting news. On a whim me and my partner visited a local rescue in London and I stumbled across this young barraband parrot that needed rehoming. Safe to say I brought him home! I took one look at him and absolutely fell in love. He’s just under a year old, but already has begun to...
  7. marsvv

    Looking for safer alternatives for my GCC’s “happy hut” help ASAP

    So I’ve had my male GCC for 3 years (he’s 3 years old) and my mom always tells me to keep his “happy hut” in his cage since I take it away a lot. I really want to find an alternative because even my mom won’t listen when I tell her it’s bad for him. Please if anything I want links or something...
  8. Koki101

    Leaving to college soon and I can’t bring my sun Conure. Any advice?

    So I’m going to be leaving for college in a few weeks and I’ve had my Sun Conure since I was about 7 years old. I’m very nervous about having to go to college because I will be about 7hrs away (via driving) and I know that she will probably be confused as to why I will be gone for so long...
  9. Zenitsu


    I have a Cockatiel, and I’m thinking about clipping his wings by a vet. I’m honestly worried if it’ll make him depressed or anxious. He usually doesn’t fly, but he dislikes any type of touching but doesn’t mind getting on my arm or head. Despite the training I have tried he dislikes and...
  10. C

    Sneezing, scratching and aggression

    My new gc conure (he's 4 going on 5 months old) has begun sneezing about 6 days ago but it started being more frequent 3 days ago. He was really sweet, no biting the first few days we've had him, except the first 2 when he was new to things. After some time and coincidentally or not, when my...
  11. I

    Why is my baby alexandrine parrot nit taking hand feed

    Hi, I got a baby Alexandrine parrot almost 11 days ago now it's about 35 days old... It's my first ever parrot. for some reason it is rejecting the hand feed. I don't know why. The formula breeder told me to give my parrot just didn't ate it he vomited all of it so I got something else for it...
  12. RobbieTheBudgie

    I need help taming

    Hi! I wouldn't normally come to other sites for help but I need some, i have 2 budgies, both about a year old, and I am having quite a lot of trouble taming them. I've had them for about 1-2 months and despite what I've been doing and following, they are still scared as they were when I bought...
  13. Budgie Lover<3

    New Budgie Owner! *accepting tips!*

    Hi guys! I'm new here and got my first budgie 4 days ago I've been watching a lot of videos on them and have been getting him to warm up to me I believe he's more on the quiet side as he doesn't chirp a lot but still greets me with a stretch and a fluff. At first I was a bit scared as I've read...
  14. D

    In dire need of advice - Need to move out of a bad situation ASAP but have a pair of macaws.

    Hello. I’m based in Australia, and I currently live in a not so amazing position. 2 years ago I got and raised a pair of macaws (both 2 years old), and they are my whole world. I suffer with an array of mental conditions and PTSD, so having companions helps, as I struggle to do things and have...
  15. B

    My budgie isn’t able to balance himself

    My budgie is losing balance and isn’t able to sleep without losing balance and almost falling of the perch I need help
  16. Vivvy

    Is this hormones?

    I recently got an 8 month old nanday conure and I genuinely cannot tell if this is hormonal behavior or not. He's been very lightly fluttering his wings, puffing his face feathers and bobbing his head. I haven't been touching anything other than his head and feet. He's also been OBSESSED with...
  17. L

    Will My bird be ok?

    My Sun conure is around 1 years old and he took quite a lot of naps in a day, he eats well and is very energetic and playful. Nothing’s wrong, just him taking plenty of naps in a day. He can’t really sleep at night because it’s too noisy. I’m quite worried because this keeps on going on and on...
  18. cloudyhelium

    Question about reproductive behaviors.

    So, I'm not sure how old my bird is (she's a red-lored amazon hybrid). She's kind of a rescue (to put it in some way), and I've noticed some cooing/purring, puffing up, followed by her presenting her cloaca to me while I'm petting her. I've also noticed some occasional regurgitation when she's...
  19. cloudyhelium

    My bird hasn't had a bath in about 6 years.

    So I have an amazon hybrid, Babe and yesterday I learned that she's been in her cage for more than 6 years. This means no baths no enrichment no nothing so everything is very new to her and I'd like some advice on how to introduce her to water. She likes to mimic the sound of water sometimes...