1. Skeet&Tasha

    8 Month old Parrotlet primary wing feather fell out

    Hi everyone, My 8 mo old parrotlet was sitting on my shoulder while I was doing some things around the house, and I noticed that she was nibbling on a large primary feather that I'm guessing she likely pulled out!!!!! OMG! She was holding the feathered part with her foot, and was fooling around...
  2. R

    Budgie and Parrotlet can share aviary ?

    Hello, I was wondering of parrotlets can be in the same aviary with budgies :confused: ?
  3. F

    Parrotlet respiratory issue

    I recently got a parrotlet around 5 months ago, and she has been fine but recently I have noticed that while she is a resting or napping you can visibly see her breathing, you cannot really see it when she is completely asleep with her head in her back. I recently lost a bird to a veterinarian...
  4. H

    Can I have a parrotlet AND lineolated parakeet?

    Hi guys! I have a male pacific parrotlet (Wilson) who has just turned one, he’s very confident and friendly but can be quite sassy. Loves meeting new people and pets and talking to other birds on the phone but has never met another bird before. I have been wanting to get another bird for a...
  5. L

    Parrotlet Passed Away - I don’t know what happened.

    Last night my bird was egg bound again. She was almost two and had become a chronic egg layer. The last time she was laying eggs, they had to put her under to remove it because the egg was too big. This time the same but they tried to give her a pain medication instead first but my girl wasn’t...
  6. B

    Parrotlet - NEED ADVICE?

    Hey everyone, I have come here because I love birds and am the owner of a blue female parrotlet called Daisy and a blue budgie called Charlie. I bought Daisy as company for my budgie because the shop owner said it would be fine As it turns out, budgies and parrotlets aren't supposed to kept...
  7. L

    Do my parrots gets sad or stressed because I am? (Plucking)

    I've been having a really hard time lately, and the other day was the worst. I broke down crying and all, and I usually keep it in. Both of my parrotlets were around when I did. My parrotlet I've had for a while now doesn't seem phased and is fine, but my baby parrotlet I've had for a few months...
  8. D

    not making much progress training

    So I have a parrotlet :green2: I got from a pet store, although I much prefer from breeders. She's one year old and I have had her for one month. I have her cage across from my 2 green cheek conures, and I've been trying to hand tame her at her own pace, but not making any real progress. I was...
  9. Chewyena

    Hormonal Parrotlet 😩

    Hey y’all, my little guy Keo is going through a VERY hormonal stage. He’s about a year old now, I’d attach pictures but I’m on mobile atm (if you know how to upload images correctly via mobile feel free to let me know!) but anyways! I’m doing everything I can to discourage Keo from this...
  10. A

    Playing with Lily

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve added any updates on Lily. Last one I had was when all her feathers grew back...but then she plucked them back out. She still plucks any time new feathers come back, but I must say, she doesn’t pluck nearly as much as she did. When I first got her, she was...
  11. A

    New Parrotlet Food

    Hey guys, so I am buying a blue parrotlet and I pick him up on Saturday. I am getting everything ready so I have a vision M02 cage and plenty of toys. I just bought a small bag of kaytee bird seed with a blue bag and some roudybush crumble. I know about the risk of pellets with mutations so I...
  12. Loz

    Dora... the Explorer?

    Exciting news! :D Today I brought my 9 week old green rumped parrotlet home and have decided to name her Dora. At the moment, she is in the top corner of her cage and she made a small sweet sound whilst I "sang" along to music. Sorry Dora. From now onwards, this is where I'll be posting our...
  13. Loz

    Cage for parrotlet I'm hoping to home a green rumped parrotlet in the near future and deciding on a cage has been... overwhelming. I've searched for...
  14. Loz

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to be joining the community. I've been thinking about adopting a green rumped parrotlet in the near future from a local breeder. It already has a few toys lol:yellow1: At the moment, I'm looking at different cages but the choice is overwhelming. Any advice is welcome...
  15. A

    The little missy has feathers!

    I’m glad to report that Lily’s vet visit confirmed she is healthy (minus the obvious malnourishment over the years on just seeds/treats). She has no health issues, and plucking was determined to be behavioral due to either stress or boredom. She has no obvious stress bars in her feathers, so my...
  16. A

    How to stop a bird from plucking?

    Hello everyone. Some of you may remember me from the conure or parakeet forums. Looks like as of last week, I am in the parrotlet forums too. My house just became an aviary @@; Lily (parrotlet) was an old bird of mine. However, due to unfortunate circumstances while I was in college, I had to...
  17. eliholtman

    Flock diversity

    What types of different species of birds do well towhee I'm not talking same cages but just being out of their cages? Do parakeets parrotlets and love birds do well together? Are Indian ringnecks okay to have with other birds Thanks in advance
  18. M

    Very angry parrotlet, need advice!!!

    So my little guy Tango is the angriest bird I've ever seen. He does not care for me, he steps up and gives kisses but that's it, he won't let me touch him or pet him and will 9/10 run away from me when outside the cage. His companion is Major, my parrotlet one year older who lost his brother...
  19. tkymichelle

    Breeding Parrotlets and Full Spectrum Lighting?

    Hi all, I recently acquired a proven and bonded pair of parrotlets whom I would like breed. I've read about full spectrum lighting that is beneficial for breeder birds especially in the Canadian winters. Anyone know how much light they should be getting and at what times? Thanks in advance. :)
  20. deloresa

    Do some Parrotlets never talk?

    My parrotlet Donut is the only bird in our household that doesn't say or mimic a peep. Her personality is very extroverted and lively and she's an adorable troublemaker. Her and I are VERY close and we do everything together. The other two birds aren't completely bonded with me yet, but they...