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    strange behaviour from my amazon parrot

    hi all , i recently noticed some strange behaviour from my amazon parrot , the other night while he was on my shoulder he started to bite and ears and neck like he always does when he's playing and then he started moving his foot around like it was out of control lol i know it sounds funny but...
  2. C

    Help-White fronted Amazon brutal attacks

    Hi, I've had my white fronted Amazon for about eight years now. He never bites me except in specific circumstances. Every time he gets around a new bird or even a small mammal, he gets very aggressive. I've recently moved back home to my parents who have another male Amazon. My bird, Morty...
  3. A

    cage accident ,advice please

    hey an accident just occurred , basically my baby amazon was in her cage and one of her toes got tangled between the bars but by the time i reached in to help her she had already got it out , she is pulling her foot inside and out but she is walking and holding up toys with the same foot most...
  4. 1

    Does this amazon parrot feces look normal?

    Hi, we recently adopted a blue fronted amazon parrot and he is just now settling in. We have a completely new diet for the bird (completely different from what the previous owners fed it). We want to make sure that its feces look normal, and we do not have to take it to the vet immediately. We...
  5. A

    Advice needed-Amazon with bad breath and swollen feces

    Good morning , I would like to get your advice on a current situation.Last night i noticed that my parrot breath smells rather strange , I searched google and found out that sour breath and breath similar to those of feces is caused by a bacteria in gastrointestinal tract , however my parrot...
  6. I

    Agressive Amazon Parrot

    I've recently adopted an amazon parrot with some aggression issues. He is at least 14 years old and has had two owners before me. I got him from someone that kept him at a dog grooming shop as a sort of entertainment for her customers. At the shop there is always some sort of commotion going...
  7. ClancyTheAmazon

    Video Update On Our Boy Clancy :)

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give the community an update on our 20 Year Old "adopted" Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Clancy. We have had him now for a couple of months now and he has been slowly adjusting to his new enviornment. He still has him moments but I have been making progress with him...
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  12. Margarita

    Introducing: Lucky (WFA)

    I'm the person, who asked about soundproofing apartment couple of months ago. And once again thank you all for your respond. There was a time, I became obsessed about Amazons. I made a deal with somebody and... meanwhile I found out on CL Lucky: WF Amazon. Although I broke the deal, I believe...
  13. Dark_Memory

    Amazon Frustration

    So I am getting a bit frustrated with my Amazon, Akira that Ive had for a month now. This is the first Amazon I've had since my beloved Gongo died 5 yrs back and so far as long as we stay away from her, shes pleasant, but try and put our hand near her and she makes this hateful sound. I thought...
  14. Dark_Memory

    Back Into Amazons and New to Forums!!

    Hello everyone! My name is Megan and I am a 21 yr old college student. I am majoring in education and for the studies of Spanish, English, and my specialty, Arts. I have an online art gallery at.......... . I also have another art gallery that is a little less active and not horse oriented...