1. Rico and his Peets!

    Rico and his Peets!

    P E E T S
  2. Rico_Tiel

    Why is my bird so interested in my hair?

    So yeah, title. Rico is REALLY interested in my hair and has been ever since I let him play with my bangs. He lands on my head to play with my hair, and will sometimes hang out on my shoulder and preen the peach fuzz on my face. He even plays with my ear and licks it which is really weird to me...
  3. Rico_Tiel

    Pretty Bird Daily Select?

    Hi, so I discovered a pellet brand called Pretty Bird. I can get all sizes but I cannot get the species specific for cockatiels because it is not sold on Amazon and will not ship outside of the continental USA because Alaska :/ Anyway, I believe that it’s a brand that I could feed to Rico and...
  4. B

    Pls Help. Have these babies been neglected?

    Hi all, I would really like some answers to these questions. I am VERY concerned. I decided to buy cockatiels off of Craigslist. And the images that were shown and the descriptions of the birds made it seem like the person was taking care of them correctly. It seemed like he had very good...
  5. A

    Baby cockatiel (less than one month old) heavy breathing, please help!

    hello! three days ago we got a baby cockatiel (less than a month old) our concerns are that the baby has difficulty breathing and the symptoms are : tail bobbing, heavy breathing, there is something like a balloon increasing and decreasing which is located on his right side of the neck when he...
  6. Rico_Tiel

    Is peppermint safe for cockatiels?

    Hi! I have some peppermint tea (the only ingredient is peppermint and it is caffeine free) and I would LOVE to give some to my birb but I am getting VERY mixed results on google and unrelated results too. I want my birb to be able to taste the minty, delicious, yummy taste of mint tea but I’m...
  7. krystof.chabr

    Why are Green Cheeked Conures so much more expensive then Cockatiels?

    Hello there folks! Iam looking to get a first pair of parrots ever soon, and I have done lots, and I mean LOTS of research for how to take good care of them and make them happy and safe. But parrots generaly recommended for new owners are Budgies, Tiels, and GCCs. And while the other two are...
  8. Rico_Tiel

    Cage review

    A&E Cage Company Black 600A Economy Dome Top Cage So to start off, I got this cage for under half the retail price from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. This cage price is originally 230$ and I got mine at 99$ USD. So I will not mention pricing. Lets begin! Size The size is alright. It is the...
  9. Rico_Tiel


  10. Rico_Tiel

    Spring Cage Setup!

    This is Rico’s spring/summer cage! This cage is sadly not fit for outdoor use (the top can be picked off by a raven or a magpie even and it could topple over if a dog or cat leaned against it so it will not be used outside) so I will be using his flight cage for his sunning time! It is like...
  11. Rico_Tiel

    After 2 days, I finally finished my art piece!

    The Astronymphicus! These are space cockatiels! They don’t have legs, they have 4 wings, six eyes, and they eat asteroids for some reason.
  12. Rico_Tiel

    Lemme see ya favorite pics of your birbies 👁️👄👁️

  13. J

    Please help make parrots recognized ESAs. Some of us rely on their intelligence to help with physical pain.

    Hey there. I'm new here--I've lurked for years, but I've got a conure, a cockatiel, a lovebird, a medical degree, and a neurological disease where emotional distress causes me physical pain. I know your birds matter to you, and I know for many of you, you wouldn't want anything to separate you...
  14. B

    My cockatiel is bobbing her head, stumbling, and looking around lost

    I have a female cockatiel and a male cockatiel. The female is around 11 years old and I have had her for 10. She has been on an only seed diet since we've gotten her. Yesterday I took her on my finger and she stranded looking around randomly with a blank expression. The best was I can describe...
  15. F

    Going on vacation, but cant find anyone to look after my 3 cockatiels...

    I'm in between houses, and will be traveling internationally during the interim. Are there any good parrot boarding places in FL? Or perhaps someone who would like to take care of 3 cockatiels for about 2 months? Or If anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear them. I am a bit disappointed at...
  16. Rico_Tiel

    Cage Inspiration?

    I'd love to see all of your cage setups! tomorrow I am rearranging my poopy bird's cage and would love to use some setups for inspiration! afterwards, I will post a pic of his cage and you guys can rate it out of 10 or give some tips! thank you all in advance!
  17. Rico_Tiel

    Things I wish I knew before getting a 'Tiel

    1. how dramatic they are! he is a little drama queen and I love it lmao 2. how DUSTY they are! I knew it was a factor BUT I underestimated how dusty they truly are! thankfully I'm not allergic to it but my immunity to smoke, chemically scents, strong smells, etc. plummeted over the 3 years I...
  18. jessykeox

    Noisy tiel

    Hi everyone, I’m homeschooled so my cockatiels get a lot of time out of their cage, but one of my cockatiels (goose) calls for me when I leave the room. It is quite loud and very annoying after a while as I’m trying to study. We got him a friend but he still calls for me, he is around 2 years...
  19. Rico_Tiel

    the difference clipping can make on a bird.

    when I got my bird, the pet store had him clipped as most do. he was quiet, sad, uninterested in toys, unwilling to try or do anything, ate way less than he does now, chewed and barbered feathers, over preened them, plucked them out mildly (around the wrist area on the wing, near his crop, and...
  20. Rico_Tiel

    I am super bored and would love to know what are some of the greatest things your birds have done?

    for me, being an amazing eater! he is willing to try new foods if I make it look yummy! or him being there for me when no one else was. or when he helped me through a breakup with a vile guy. the dude was a manipulator, gas lighter, a very... hmm... let's just say creepy guy with few...