1. Amy-Milo

    Cockatiel with abnormal droppings?

    So I have a male white faced cockatiel. Had him for almost a year now. This problem has been happening for a few months now. But when it first started it wasn’t so bad, he has been having droppings that are a brownish colour? A few months ago it was only like the odd one or two, but now it’s...
  2. N

    Wounded cockatiel

    Hi all, Was just wondering how to treat this wound my female cockatiel Leilani has. Must have happened in the last ten minutes or so, as she has been beside me all day and only noticed it now...I've no notion how she got injured, but it seems that the flesh of her left foot has been bitten off...
  3. B

    Trouble with Keeping Birds Separated

    Hello there. Let me preface this by saying I am trying my damn best right now. I have a conure and a cockatiel, both males, with which the conure is about 8 months old and my cockatiel about 2 or so years (unknown, tbh). They bonded, but I have to keep them separate because my cockatiel will try...
  4. E

    First-time owner and already messed up, how do I fix it?

    So I just bought my first cockatiel. The first red flag could've appeared in the first few moments of getting it when the shop owner separated the two birds then not so gently grabbed it and put it in a box (hopefully that isn't too traumatizing for it). Then the second worse thing happened, my...
  5. crowboy

    Affectionate Bird Suggestions??

    Bonjour, à tous! I'm looking into potentially getting myself a parrot some time in the coming year and was looking for some recommendations. I'd really like to have a very affectionate and cuddly bird that is not too big, but not too small. Noise doesn't bother me too much so long as it's not...
  6. G

    Is my bird plucking or molting ?

    I did a deep clean of my cockatiels cage yesterday ,but today I've noticed a lot of his feathers on the bottom of his cage? He is 5 years old has been molting for the past 2-3 months so far , but this is a lot more then usual. Is this something to be concerned about?
  7. ahgassi

    Molting or sickness?

    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great. :) I have a question regarding my cockatiel - maybe some of you have had a similar experience and would be willing to share it with me? My cockatiel, Fili (male, 1.5 years old) has been puffed up and sleeping quite a lot for the past three to...
  8. Rico_Tiel

    Here's a TikTok of my 'Tiel's journey home.

    actual art starts at: 0:20 the birb pics were for filler lmao This was my first piece that I ever uploaded so it kinda looks like... well, a hunk o' diarrhea
  9. B

    Cockatiel problems with conure

    Hello. So, I have a cockatiel (Artemis) and a conure (Xatu) that are both male. Xatu is about 8 months old, and Artemis is of an unknown age, but around 1-2 years. They get along really well for the most part - grooming and feeding each other even. However, multiple times throughout the day...
  10. H

    Red eyes

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here. I have a Cockatiel (Hanzo) for about 2 months and he was alone for this time and I planned on getting him a companion as soon as he was trained enough to listen to me and the command I gave him. He is a young healthy bird and I got him from a...
  11. Luna Kamel

    What is my parrot's gender and age?

    Hello, I've been really interested in buying a cockatiel because of how gentle of a friend they can be. I was offered this one, the seller told me they don't know their gender, also added that they're around 6 months old. I really want a male cockatiel, I was told they're more likely to sing...
  12. henk_and_zazoe

    My tiel lost all his tail feathers at once

    Hi all! My two year cockatiel, Zazoe, lost all of his tail feathers at once yesterday. Although this is his third molt, I have never seen him lose this many feathers (6 tail feathers) at once. When he lost them, he didn’t show any signs of being hurt and he wasn’t stuck. He just flew away and...
  13. Rico_Tiel

    how can i dye my hair safely while keeping a bird?

    I want to dye my hair dark purple as I think it'd look really good! however, my cockatiel, Rico, likes to play in my hair. I'd get it done at my local hair salon who does WONDERS with my hair! but is there any precautions I should take, or should I just leave my hair plain? ofc I know that the...
  14. G

    Red Eyes

    I recently got a cockatiel. It is my first time keeping a cockatiel with this mutation, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. There is a red ring around both its eyes. It doesn't seem to be itchy. However, the previous household that kept this bird neglected it a lot. There is also a red...
  15. J

    Healthy Cockatiel Occasionally Vomiting?

    Hi everyone! Pecan, our ten-month-old female cockatiel has been throwing up once or twice a month, and we're concerned because the vet recently told us that cockatiels throwing up (not simply regurgitating) is abnormal. Typically she throws up early in the morning and is sometimes lethargic...
  16. T

    Plucking Cockatiel

    Hey guys, I have a 2 1/2 year old female cockatiel who started plucking around 5 months ago. She only plucks under her wings, above the tail feathers, and in the lower half of her chest. I’ve done quite a lot of research about this and wanted to see if there is something you guys could...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Feather plucking or molting???

    Hello all my around 2 year old cockatiel has I believe just started feather plucking. He mostly seems to pull out down feathers so maybe could be molting but I have a more likely theory. He recently got into a pretty big accident and really hurt himself by flying into a wall. I took him to the...
  18. Parotteer

    Introducing myself, Mikey Arris

    Hello. I would like to introduce my flock and myself. My name is Mikey Arris. At the moment of writing I am 51 years old, retired and living in the Netherlands. I discovered this Forum in my search for information on Amazon parrots. It is one of the many sources I found and after reading many...
  19. R

    Plucked/Lost tail feather

    Hey all! Rocky is just shy of six months old and has already been molting for a couple of weeks now. Tonight she was sitting with me, and when I got up to put her to bed I noticed this tail feather sitting on the ground at my feet. Rocky is particularly clumsy when it comes to climbing and has...
  20. B

    Deslorelin Implant Help

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and desperate. I have a two year old cockatiel named Pietri who I love dearly. I have been dealing with her being a chronic egg layer and an extremely hormonal female tiel. I am currently going to a CAV near my home who has been aiding me in treating her...