1. J

    Lovebird not feeding babies

    Hello, I'm Jamie and the owner of two Lovebirds. They recently hatched their first babies ever. It kinda went wrong from the start. The female laid the first egg on the ground instead of the nest. When i put it in the nest (with gloves) she laid the rest of them in there. There were four eggs in...
  2. B

    Lovebird seems worse after antibiotics

    Hi, I have a peach face lovebird that I got from a pet shop 3 months ago. After he had settled with me, I noticed that he is sneezing and shaking his head a lot. I had booked an appointment with a nearby avian vet and took him there. The doctor suggested that he might had a cold and that I...
  3. W

    Hello from Martin, Whiskey and Nebula

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and I am joining along with my two lovebirds Whiskey and Nebula. :blue2::whiteblue: They´re blue, just born last year (June and September) and absolutely amazing. I wanted to join this forum to talk some more to other lovebird owners and get more experience...
  4. L

    Is My Lovebird Aspirating or Just Stressed?! Advice Needed

    Hello Everyone, Happy Holidays. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I need some advice on my 13 year old blue pied peach face lovebird, Romeo. I’m sorry if I ramble, but I am pretty anxious. I’ve had him since 2007, and he means the world to me. Today, I recently took him to the...
  5. johnbirds

    Looking for Fischers lovebirds

    Looking for Fischer's Love Birds live in S.W Florida.:rainbow1::rainbow1:
  6. B

    Please Help!!! My little lovebird is losing her feathers.

    I have two little lovebirds. One of them is a male and the other is a female, I know this because they have had viable offspring in the past. The female lovebird is losing her feathers around her lower abdomen. She seems healthy and she's still eating, however, I'm concerned that she might get...
  7. S

    New here

    I just joined this site. My name is Stacie and me and my husband have 2 lovebirds, a pineapple conure, an African Gray and 2 parakeets. Looking to learn and share with everyone :):blue2: :green::greenyellow::greenyellow::grey:
  8. D

    One of my lovebirds died

    Hello everyone in the forum, I'm new here and happy to meet all of you. Unfortunately I'm looking for some very serious advice, yesterday afternoon one of my lovebirds had passed away all of a sudden. She was always with her siblin, I know that even if they are siblings they form a very tight...
  9. R

    I need help diagnosing my lovebirds

    I have 2 male lovebirds, Apple and Mango around 4-5 years old. My local vets are useless with birds so I need some help from someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Over the summer they started standing on one leg pressing the other foot against their stomach. That has almost...
  10. C

    Should I put my lovebirds outside

    Hello everyone! I have four lovebirds, two couples. One of the couples is descendent from the other. When the first couple had babies and they all grew up, the mother started attacking them, so I separated them, resulting in one couple per cage. Right now, I take the two cages outside every...
  11. S

    My lovebirds don’t love eachother, any advice?

    Hello fellow bird owners :) I just registered this account, mainly to ask advice on what to do with my love birds, but I’m already so excited about everything! Lol and I can already see myself being on this site allot. I mean just look at these parrot emojis!! :green1::red::orange::blue1...
  12. L

    Cage Suggestion for Lovebirds

    Hi! I wanted your opinions on best cage for lovebirds. Currently they are two years old. I'd have 2 in a cage. I was looking for at least 24 x 24 x 24 inches, on wheels to easily move around, easy to clean and such. Where is the best place to purchase online or brand/type you'd suggest...
  13. L

    New Member - My Birds and I

    Hello All! I'm new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself! My husband and I currently have 2 lovebirds: Fiji and Maya. :orange::orange: Growing up I owned a parakeet and have had a love of birds ever since! Excited to join this community! Kelsey
  14. PenClem

    Is it possible for Lovebirds not to molt?

    I've had my 3 y/o Peach-faced Lovebirds since they were weaned. We live in central Texas where the humidity is high most of the year and it only cools down between Oct-Feb, usually. They live indoors next to, but not in front of, a window. They also have an outdoor aviary they spend time in on...
  15. C

    So I rescued two lovebirds

    The woman who had them for three months got kittens, and said kittens would probably eat the birds, so she wanted to get rid of them. They were on a seed-only diet (I know that's bad) Can I give them carrots? Broccoli? What else? ALso, they DO have a large cage. One, however, the male, is...
  16. A


    My name is Athena and I was gifted two beautiful lovebirds for my birthday in early June. I am rather new to birds as my sister had upper respiratory issues and the doctors said no birds at all. My sister passed away last year and while it has been rough, getting Gomez and Morticia have made...
  17. CautionBlondeWithBrain

    To Tame Lovebirds Whom I've Had For Years

    So I have a pair of lovebirds, a blue masked named Satchmo who does not bite when I pick him up no matter what and I'm half sure he was hand fed. Then I have Lola who is Seagreen Pied Peachface who I got more recently. She does bite anytime you pick her up and is more "wild". I do not think she...
  18. R

    Suggestions on homemade treats and recipes for lovebirds?

    Hello guys i am new lovebird owner, i have a lovely peach faced love bird only 3 months old, I am just wanting some suggestions on nice homemade food/treats i can make for my lovely little baby girl :):rainbow1: I was also wandering what age you you guys recommend to get a DNA test to see how...
  19. awfulwarlock

    hello, new here

    hello, new here thought it might be useful for help and advice with my lovebirds see you around
  20. V

    How do parrots react to construction noise and vibration

    Hi, We have small to medium-sized parrots such as cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, Quaker parakeets and an Indian Ringneck. Some of the cockatiels are quite sensitive to noise and other disturbances and have fairly frequent night frights. We live out in the country, and the existing well doesn't...